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a purpose beyond the surface

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material epiphany is a sanctuary for busy professionals

seeking sustainability education and expert solutions

material epiphany is Libby Chisholm Fearnley


I believe the purpose of fashion goes beyond than the clothes we wear. My goal is to unite creative, deep-thinking individuals and brands on a mission to transform the world for the better. I worked as a womenswear designer for over a decade before recognizing the potential for industry to evolve, just as I have evolved as an individual. I see peers who also struggle to find substance in their seemingly superficial work. One at a time, we are waking up to the opportunity of a more connected, human, and balanced world, and I want to capture that material epiphany here!  



The solutions are already out there. I curate bite-sized lunch & learns and recurring seminars for corporate brands & retailers to bring their teams up to speed on sustainability. I also offer a custom 4-week course of my design, "Current Events & Innovations in Sustainable Fashion" in the Center for Continuing & Professional Studies at FIT. 


I contribute to industry publications & blogs on the topic of sustainable fashion.

I also specialize in marketing communications, from newsletters to ad copy to website content. Fun Fact: I received an inaugural "Research Award" in High School for my Senior Research Paper. I love research and writing, especially when it's finished.


A passion for art & design is in my DNA. I'm always happy to contribute fashion & graphic design services that offer timeless versatility & durability. I was a womenswear designer in the 00's, specializing in wovens and cut & sew knits for companies like Aeropostale & May Company. Fun fact: My grandparents and great grandparents were fine artists.


I partner with brands & nonprofits on meaningful projects that propel humanity forward.

My creativity extends beyond a single job description-- from copywriting to creative direction, my bigger goal is to make the world safe and joyful for everyone. Fun fact: I care deeply about equity and am committed to doing my part to dismantle systemic white supremacy. 

I can't wait to be of service to you and your organization! Let's change the world, together.

Thanks for connecting!

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